McKinney Budget 2019-20

City Plans for the Budget

On Friday, 8/10/19, McKinney had its annual Budget Work Session. In this session, the City Manager, Paul Grimes, presented what he wants for the city in the coming year. Like any other business, each department indicates what it wants and needs in the coming year: new employees, new equipment, and anything else. 

The city took the time to go over what residents want too. The resident survey is no different from previous years--it continues to show that streets and public safety are their top two concerns. For the 4th year in a row, the airport is rated at the bottom--the 10th spot out of 10.  

A suggested tax rate was also discussed at the budget session, a reduction in the rate by exactly 95.7% of a penny.

City Council will then have an opportunity to adjust or tweak as they see fit during the two required public budget hearings and proposed tax rate hearings listed at the bottom of this page.  The public is supposed to show up or send in comments for these.

Here are a few details to know about the proposed 82 page city budget:

If we had an effective tax rate (which is not proposed), it would equal the taxes collected last year. 

But, what about inflation and costs of the new growth you ask?

Cities and City Councils that adopt the effective rate get all the taxes they took in last year 
PLUS all the new money this year from new residential and commercial growth. That is why the city is required to post the following to show the extra revenue the city will get from those one the tax rolls last year plus the new properties added. 

The city also wants to spend all the extra revenue it is planning on getting:

Here is a breakdown of planned revenue sources in the coming year:

Here is a detail of the historical yearly city governmental spending. Most of the yearly increases are due to the hiring of more government employees and equipment:

Here are details of the increases in budget spending this year. Police and fire are very important to a city. But, there are areas that can be trimmed in any organization that don't touch essential safety $2.8M more in city economic incentive payments (this is in addition to the $14M a year that the MEDC gets). Two million dollars could get our tax rate lowered at least to a full cent or much closer to the effective rate. What about communications and marketing? Are we paying for all the airport workers or is the airport (because the airport is supposed to be paying for itself, right)?

Here is where you'll see some of the new staff positions required for the new code compliance program the city started this year. I am trying to find about who pays for these Airport Fund employees because it seems like it should be the airport. I'm not entirely sure that's the case. 

To email all of them with questions, comments, or concerns, copy and,,,,,,

Important Dates from the city website:
Proposed Budget Documents
(Posted as they become available)
  • Property Tax Rate - 1st Public Hearing PDF (8/20/19)
  • Property Tax Rate - 2nd Public Hearing PDF (9/3/19)
  • Notice of Budget Public Hearings PDF
  • Budget - 1st Public Hearing PDF (9/3/19)
  • Budget - 2nd Public Hearing & Adoption PDF (9/17/19)
  • Property Tax Rate - Adoption PDF (9/17/19)
  • Ratification of Property Tax Revenue Increase PDF (9/17/19)
  • Fee / Rate Changes - Adoption PDF (9/17/19)

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