Citizen-Centric Local Government

Local government appears to be very complex to most people. All government--local, state, or federal--is supposed to be driven by citizens. Citizens elect their representatives to tell government what they (and the citizens who elected them) want government to do. Government cannot do anything without citizen direction. Representatives, in turn, appoint their fellow citizens to boards and commissions to help them direct the activities of government.

It's also helpful to know that government itself is also made of people. People in government are also a mixed bag--just like everyone else outside of government. There are those who diligently do the best for the city and there are those who have their own agendas. It is the responsibility of citizens to be involved and monitor in some way: learn about local government, join public input sessions, attend city council meetings, join a board, speak with your representatives, elect representatives intelligently.

How Local Government Should Work

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