About MCtoC

McKinney Citizen to Citizen advocates for McKinney city government transparency and a citizen-centric McKinney city government.

We want ALL citizens to be able to participate in shaping this city, not just well-positioned insiders.

McKinney’s city government website should make information easily accessible so citizens can make informed, intelligent decisions. It shouldn’t matter if we have lived in McKinney for 20 years or if we just moved here recently—access to timelines and public input-related information should be easy to find.

Our group has been instrumental in bringing the Notify Me system to McKinney. Citizens can now join a list and receive emails from the city on important issues. We helped get the McKinney Housing Authority tied to the city of McKinney website. We also were instrumental in getting the city of McKinney to hold public hearings on all Low-Income Housing Tax Credit applications from now on.

There is more work to do.