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The City of McKinney has 3 Lobbyists totaling - Last Updated 11/20/18

 Focused Advocacy
The city of McKinney will be giving the City Manager permission to enter into a contract with them at the City Council Special meeting on 11/19/18 for a term of 2 years. The contract will cost $104,199.96 per year (monthly contract + monthly expenses).

Scope of Services:Specifically, Consultant will: 
1. Represent the City’s general interests before the Texas Legislature as directed by theCity Manager; 
2. Assist in the fulfillment of the City’s legislative agenda; 
3. Assist with the passage of legislative initiatives as adopted by the City Council including passage of legislation to qualify the City for financial assistance related to the construction of aviation facilities; 
4. Provide general guidance and consultation to the city regarding the City’s legislative and regulatory goals; 
5. Develop strategies and generally work to gain support to advance the City’s legislative and regulatory goals; 
6. Work to defeat legislation the City deems detrimental; 
7. Provide the City with timely updates regarding the status of pending legislation and rule makings; 
8. Provide the City with an electronic tracking system which monitors the progress of legislation that could affect the City; 
9. Advise and inform the City of upcoming legislative committee hearings (both during the legislative session and during the interim); 
10. Assist with the preparation and drafting of legislation and amendments; 
11. Assist with the preparation and drafting of letters, speeches and other advocacy materials; 
12. Assist with the preparation of City officials who testify before legislative bodies; and 
13. Attend and monitor on the City’s behalf legislative hearings, agency hearings, stakeholder meetings, TML meetings, and interim legislative committee hearings; 
14. As directed, represent the City’s interests before the regulatory bodies of Texas and various state agencies of the Texas executive branch by informing the City of key state agency hearings and developments at the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Department of Transportation, Public Utility Commission, General Land Office, Department of Public Safety, Railroad Commission, Water Development Board, Commission on Environmental Quality, and the Department of Housing and Community Affairs; and 
15. As directed, engage with state agency staff and personnel to protect or advance the city’s interests during administrative rule-making proceedings.
Richard Leidl 
Federal lobbyist for $72k + expenses a year 

Red Media Group
The city of McKinney, McKinney Economic Development Corporation, and the McKinney Chamber of Commerce each pay the Red Media Group 33.3% of $60,000 per year for the following:

1. Consultant shall provide professional services pursuant to the following:a. Work closely with the GLI Committee and McKinney staffs to understand the programs of McKinney, its legislative needs, and its strategic plan.b. Provide timely information to the GLI Committee on pertinent developments and work with the GLI Committee to develop all necessary data and materials to support McKinney's legislative agenda. Attend and present Information at GLI Committee meetings, as requested.c. Report frequently as needed, to the GLI Committee on progress and status of work for McKinney.d. Respond as necessary to all other requests made to Consultant by the GLI Committee, or Its designee. 
2. Consultant agrees that specific attention shall be given In addition to the services above listed, to the following specific priorities of McKinney, as follows:a. Strengthen support with key members of the State Legislature and key Legislative committees, including staff, by regular contact, reports and communication with key members and staff of McKinney priorities.b. Regular monitoring of all relevant policy developments and filed bills with timely communication with the GLI Committee.c. Assistance In organization of McKinney trips to Austin, TX.d. Maintain contact with State Agencies and communicate McKinney priorities as directed by the GLI Committee, or its designee.

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