Thursday, March 5, 2020

Citizen Comment Recap-January 21, 2020

January 21, 2020
I'll jump right in here recapping citizen comment time so you don't have to. I've attached the link to the video.

Start of CC meeting comments- three
End of CC meeting comments-zero

Speaker #1 (female, general comment on non-agenda item)- She had concerns about 5G and radiation. I'm not going to get involved in this because it would take too much time. Others can argue about it. I don't know enough or care enough right now. Even if most of us don't care right now, we might in the future.
The city did have an informational session for the public on 5G and they've got something on their website about it.  Most likely, they would not have done any of that if this woman had not come to share her concerns at multiple city council meetings.

Speaker #2 (male, general comment on non-agenda item)- He had concerns about the homeless on the east side. He said they're starting fires and camping out behind his house. He referenced the recent death of the homeless man starting a fire here in McKinney. He said he's tried to get the police to come or the city to come. He said that the city was saying there is a dispute over who owns the land on the railroad tracks. It looks like it is DART. He's asking for a response from someone to help in some way because he doesn't know what to do anymore.

He said this isn't happening on the west side. Ah, but it is. Channel 11 did a story on an attack of a woman near the Eldorado Country Club. In the report, they filmed a homeless man who was living under the 75 overpass on the west side. The news people found him when they were filming their tv segment. This is the third attack of a woman in a year in the same general area west of the 75. No one has been caught. The homeless issue is obviously not happening to the extent on the west as the east side, but it is happening.

Just recently, there were plans to open a homeless center in the downtown library on the east side. The city and city council are actively looking for a new location for a homeless resource center in McKinney.
picture of the guy living under the west part of 75, on the other side of Towne Lake

Speaker #3 (female, comment on agenda item)- She is from Arlington speaking against a recall election for Councilman Shemwell.

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