Friday, November 9, 2018

Only McKinney & Garland Share Citizen Comment Policy

Since the City Council of McKinney changed its citizen comment policy this October, McKinney has joined the ranks of only one other city in pushing the general citizen comments the end of meetings--Garland. McKinney's former policy of allowing all comments before and after City Council meetings had been in effect since at least 2009.

Nine other cities in the area keep their citizen comment periods at the start of the meeting when citizens are more likely to attend and participate. Maybe McKinney's City Council is trying to tell us something? 

End of meeting citizen comments have been very rare in McKinney. This year, there have only been 3 end of night citizen comments, but about 70 before meeting comments. Last year, through 22 City Council meetings, there were only 11 end of meeting citizen comments. 

Information obtained from various city websites and/or emails to cities

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